Trash… not

The few irises that weren't destroyed.
Lovely irises, courtesy of the local cemetery rules against planting plants. These were the only salvegeable ones left. They bloomed overnight. The other plants traveled with me from Los Angeles.
The rest of the irises, crammed into two pots.

My son rescued the irises from the local cemetery after the maintenance crew dug them up and dumped them yesterday.

Ferns and whatever-they-ares saved from sure death.
Ferns and whatever-they-ares.

I rescued these ferns and the skinny whatever-they-ares sharing the pot. There’s some tulip bulbs in there as well. They were removed in order to clean up the yard in prep for selling.

Ferns, lily of the valley and more whatever-they-ares.
Ferns and lily of the valley (hiding in the back left corner). I have no idea what’s in the pot in front, but I saved those too.

I’ve had these since shortly after we emigrated from California, saved from a French drain installation.

I have absolutely no idea what the little purple flowers are, but they were cute enough to rescue.

And, somewhere in with the ferns, are some grape hyacinth and paper white bulbs.

These are all going to make me so happy growing in the front and sides of the house. Like me, though, they have to wait for closing. Sigh.

If you’d like to lend a hand to help closing get a little closer, you can help at . Any and every donation is hugely appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my little plant-rescuing heart.