The 100 Day Project

Take some time and check out THE100DAYPROJECT.ORG. Lemme know when you get back.

Hi. I’m participating in #the100dayproject this year. It just started today, but if you’re reading this not today, you can still join. It’s super easy. You just do something every day for 100 days. Anything.

I’m making warped squares for an Egg Box. Odds are you have absolutely no idea what that is, so if you’re curious, you can have a look here.

I have several squares done, but I’ve only started posting them today. Here’s what it looks like.

warped square
This is a warped square. It’s warped because the beads in the corners increase the width of the sides so it won’t lay flat any more.

The squares get woven together when they’re done to form a grid that looks like an egg box, hence the name.

Give some thought to participating. You can do something big, or something small. It’s a way to get our lives back to what they ought to be. You can do something new, or something you already do. It can be artistic, silly, serious, written, baked, just about anything. Start something you’ve never, ever done before. It’s your project, done your way, for 100 days.

See you at the end.